1 /TINk/ past tense and past participle thought verb
1 OPINION/BELIEF (T) to have an opinion or belief about something: think (that): I think that she should have paid the money back. | Harry thought it was a lousy idea. | I didn't think anyone would believe me. | I remember thinking their behaviour was strange. | Well, Tom, what do you think? | think of sb/sth as sth (=think that someone or something is something): We now think of the car as being essential rather than a luxury. | think sb/sth (to be) sth: We all thought her very intelligent. | think it right/important etc formal: Do you think it right for the government to cut funding in this way? | be thought to be (doing sth) formal: They are thought to be receiving arms from the Republic.
2 USE YOUR MIND (I) to use your mind to solve something, decide something etc: We must think very carefully before we decide what to do. | Wait a minute, I'm thinking.
(+ about/of): She lay awake thinking about the money. | I tried not to think of Richard or what he was doing. | think deeply (=think carefully, for a long time): They clearly haven't thought very deeply about the possible consequences.
3 HAVE AN IDEA (T) to have an idea or thought in your mind, especially one that appears suddenly: And then I thought: “Why the hell shouldn't I?” | “I certainly am in luck!” Katy thought.
4 think of/about doing sth to consider the possibility of doing something: I had never thought of becoming an actor. | We did think about buying a flat in London.
5 think better of it to not do something that you had planned to do, because you realize that it is not a good idea: He started to say something, then thought better of it.
6 think nothing of (doing sth) to do something easily or without complaining, even though other people would find it difficult: The people here think nothing of walking ten miles to collect firewood.
7 think for yourself to have ideas and thoughts of your own rather than believing what other people say: Parents have to teach their children to think for themselves.
8 think sth to yourself to have a thought in your mind, but not tell it to anyone: I thought to myself, when I'm 60, Patrick will still only be in high school.
9 think twice (before doing sth) to think very carefully before deciding to do something, because you know about the dangers or problems: I'll think twice before taking out such a large loan again.
10 think again to think of a new idea or plan because you realize that you cannot use the first one that you thought of: If we can't have the car we'll have to think again about how to get there.
11 think aloud/think out loud to say what you are thinking, without talking to anyone in particular: Oh, sorry; I guess I was thinking out loud.
12 think a lot of sb/think highly of sb to admire or respect someone: I can assure you, the management thinks very highly of you.
13 think the world of sb to like or love someone very much: He thinks the world of those children.
14 think badly of sb to disapprove of someone or what they have done: Please don't think badly of me. I had no choice.
15 not think much of to think that someone or something is bad, useless etc: I don't think much of that new restaurant.
16 think the best/worst of sb to consider someone's actions in a way that makes them seem as good as possible or as bad as possible: Ellie's the type of person that always thinks the best of people.
17 think big informal to plan to do things that are difficult, but will be very impressive, make a lot of profit etc: We had money, materials, and the opportunity to thing big. It was up to us to do something with it.
18 think on your feet to answer questions or think of ideas quickly, without preparing in advance: A good teacher can think on her feet.
19 think to do sth literary to try to do something: They had thought to deceive me..
20 I think used when you are saying that you believe something is true, although you are not sure: Mary is in the garden, I think. | I don't think Ray will mind.
21 I think I'll used when saying what you will probably do: I think I'll go into town today.
22 I think so/I don't think so/I think not used when answering a question, to say that you believe something is true or not true: “Is Jenny still living in Manchester?” “I think so.”
23 I thought (that)
a) used when you are politely suggesting something to do: I thought we could meet for lunch. | I thought we'd go swimming tomorrow.
b) used to say what you thought or believed was true, although you were not sure: I thought he was honest, but I was wrong.
24 I should/would think used when you are saying that you believe something is probably true: We'll need about six yards of material, I should think.
25 I can't think who/where/what used to say that you cannot remember or understand something: I can't think where I left my keys. | I can't think why she ever married him.
26 do you think (that)...?
a) used when you are asking someone politely to do something for you: Do you think you could help me move these boxes?
b) used to ask someone's opinion: Do you think I need to bring a jacket?
27 who/what etc do you think?
a) used to ask someone's opinion: Who do you think will win?
b) used when asking someone angrily about something: What do you think you're doing with that computer? | Where do you think you're going?
28 (now I) come to think of it used when you are adding something more to what you have said, because you have just remembered it, or realized it: My father looked worried and, now I come to think of it, so did my brother.
29 who would have thought? used to say that something is very surprising: Who would have thought she'd end up dancing for a living?
30 I thought as much used to say that you are not surprised by what you have just found out: “Andy failed his driving test.” “I thought as much when I saw his face.”
31 just think! used to ask someone to imagine or consider something: Just think - we could be millionaires!
(+of): It would be lovely, but just think of the expense!
32 you would have thought (that)/you would think (that) used to say that you expect something to be true, although it is not: You would have thought the school would do more to help a child like Craig.
33 anyone would think (that) used to say that someone behaves as if a particular thing were true, although it is not: Anyone would think he owns the place, the way he talks!
34 I wasn't thinking/I didn't think used as a way of saying you are sorry because you have upset someone: Sorry, I shouldn't have said that. I wasn't thinking.
35 to think (that)...! used to show that you are very surprised about something: To think that we lived next door to him and never realised what he was up to!
36 think nothing of it used when someone has thanked you for doing something, to say politely that you did not mind doing it
37 if you think...,you've got another think coming! used to tell someone that if they think someone is going to do something, they are wrong: If you think I'm going to wait around for you, you've got another think coming!
38 when you think about it used to say that you realize something when you consider a fact or subject: When you think about it, most of the things you worry about in life aren't that important.
39 that's what you/they etc think! used to say that you strongly disagree with someone
think back phrasal verb (I) to think about things that happened in the past (+on/to): When I think back to those nights, it is the crunch of snow and the warm lights from the windows that I remember. think of sb/sth phrasal verb (T)
1 to produce a new idea, name, suggestion etc by thinking: They're still trying to think of a name for the baby. | Can you think of anyone else who could do it?
2 to remember a name or fact: No, I can't think of the name of the hotel either.
3 to behave in a way that shows that you want to treat other people well: It was very good of you to think of me. | He never thinks of others, only of himself.
4 what do you think of...? used to ask what someone's opinion is about something: So what do you think of this new manager then?
think sth out phrasal verb (T) to think about something carefully, considering all the possible problems, results etc: He had spoken on the spur of the moment, without thinking things out first. think sth over phrasal verb (T) to think about something carefully: Why don't you think it over for a while, and give me a call in a couple of days. think sth through phrasal verb (T) to think carefully about the possible results of doing something: Having thought it through, I listed the pros and cons and made my decision. think sth up phrasal verb (T) to produce a new idea, name etc by thinking hard about something: We laugh at the absurdity of these laws and wonder how anyone ever thought them up. 2 noun have a think to think about a difficulty or question: I don't know whether I'll go to the party, I'll have a think and let you know.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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